Hostbillo Review: Are Their Dedicated Server Plans Best in India?

If you are looking for a web hosting type for a high-traffic website in India then a dedicated server is the best option. Because a dedicated server offers enough resources to handle more visitors. In comparison to other types of hosting dedicated server plans are expensive.  But they are worth it. Because a dedicated server provides full control, flexibility, high security, scalability, and most important offer a dedicated IP address. 

Choosing the right web hosting company for buying dedicated server hosting India plans from thousands of companies is a challenging task. If you know your requirements then the task of finding a company is much easier. At yet, if you don’t know then first you analyze your requirements and then check that your chosen provider offers all of these. If your chosen web hosting company fulfills all your requirements within your budget then this is the best.

In this article, we review Hostbillo’s Dedicated Server Plans in India that is affordable and high quality. Hostbillo is a reliable web hosting company that offers quality web hosting services including Windows-shared hosting, Linux-shared hosting, VPS server, dedicated server, and reseller hosting. Hostbillo more focus on providing web hosting services with reliability, security, and high uptime. So let’s start discussing more about Hostbillo’s Indian dedicated server plans. So read out a complete article.

About Hostbillo Hosting Solution

Hostbillo Hosting Solution is a reputed, reliable, and trusted web hosting company that provides a variety of web hosting plans. Moreover, they offer domain registration services. So in one place, a website owner buys both domain and web hosting for their website.

Hostbillo is a popular web hosting company because of its affordable and reliable web hosting services, customer support, etc. Further, they offer a variety of features with their hosting services to manage a website effectively.

We discuss some benefits of choosing a Hostbillo Hosting Solution such as:-

  • Affordable Price: Hostbillo’s web hosting plans are cost-effective. In addition, they started a sale during the festive season Like Diwali, Christmas, New Year, etc. In this sale, they gives a discount.
  • Reliable Hosting Service: Using the latest technology and infrastructure, Hostbillo delivers reliable and secure hosting services for its customers.
  • Excellent customer support: Hostbillo offers 24*7 customer support with their hosting and domain services through phone, chat, and email.
  • Variety of Features and Tools: Hostbillo offers many features and tools so that their customer easily create and manage a website such as Website builder, email hosting, and domain name registration.

What Benefits Does Hostbillo Offer With Their Dedicated Server Hosting Plans in India?

In this section of the article, we listed some of the benefits that Hostbillo gives with their cheap dedicated server plans in India. So read each benefit carefully.

Zero Setup Cost  

In the market, there are many web hosting providers who can charge additional fees to set up a dedicated server. But Hostbillo Hosting Solution cannot exist in those providers. They cannot charge additional money to set up a dedicated server India. Without consuming more time they can set up your server. And their team can take care of your server.

Root/Administrator Access

Hostbillo offers root access with their best-dedicated server plans in India. So you can make any changes to any file on the server. You can optimize or modify the server as you want. Moreover, you have the right to install applications that you want and delete that applications that you don’t need.

SSL Encryption

Every website owner gives the first priority to security. And for a website an SSL certificate is important. Using an SSL certificate on your website creates a safe encryption between you and your website visitors. And this certificate helps in SEO ranking also. Further with Hostbillo’s dedicated server services in India, you will get an SSL certificate without paying any additional cost.

Indian Data Center Location

Hostbillo has a data center in India. So when we talk In terms of capacity and redundancy, it offers an excellent way to reach Indians.

Overview of Hostbillo’s Dedicated Server India Plans

Hostbillo offers a six-plan of Indian dedicated servers. Their every plan is the best. So per your website requirements and budget, you can choose one of them. In the below image, you can see the plan with a price.


A dedicated server is the finest option for a high-traffic website. And in the thousands of web hosting companies, Hostbillo Hosting solution is the best. They offer various web hosting services including dedicated also. Further, they give a 99.90% guarantee with an India-dedicated server that your website is always available to visitors. They cannot face any type of downtime. After reading this complete article we conclude that Hostbillo’s dedicated server India plans are the best. Without any chaos, you can buy Hostbillo’s dedicated server.

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