How Can I Breed an Oaktopus in My Singing Monsters?

In the enchanting world of My Singing Monsters, where musical creatures inhabit colorful islands, there’s a delightful variety of monsters to collect and nurture. Among these fascinating creatures, the Oaktopus stands out with its melodic allure and unique appearance. My Singing Monsters Breeding Guide an Oaktopus can be a rewarding challenge, and in this guide, we’ll delve into the secrets and strategies that will help you achieve this musical feat. So, whether you’re a seasoned monster breeder or just starting your adventure in the Monster World, get ready to discover the keys to breeding your very own Oaktopus!

Breeding the Oaktopus: A Harmonious Endeavor

The Oaktopus is a charming octopus-like creature known for its soothing melodies and striking appearance. To successfully breed an Oaktopus, you’ll need to master the art of combining monsters with specific elements and following a few essential steps. Let’s dive into the details of how to breed this delightful monster.

Understanding Element Combinations

In My Singing Monsters, each monster is associated with one or more elements. To breed an Oaktopus, you’ll need to create the right elemental combination in your breeding structure. Oaktopus is a Water and Plant element monster, so you must choose monsters that possess these elements when attempting to breed one.

Selecting the Right Monsters

Now that you know the required elements, it’s time to choose the monsters for breeding. To maximize your chances of breeding an Oaktopus, you should select monsters with Water and Plant elements as their primary elements. Some good options for breeding an Oaktopus include Potbelly, Toe Jammer, and Noggin.

Breeding Structure Placement

The placement of your monsters within the breeding structure can also influence the outcome. To increase the likelihood of breeding an Oaktopus, make sure that the monsters with the necessary elements are placed in the outer slots of the breeding structure. This arrangement boosts the chances of a successful combination.

Keep Trying and Be Patient

Breeding in My Singing Monsters is a game of chance, and it may take several attempts to successfully breed an Oaktopus. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it right on your first try. Keep experimenting with different combinations, and eventually, your dedication will pay off with the sweet sound of an Oaktopus serenading your island.

Oaktopus Variations: Unleashing Creativity

Now that you’ve learned the basics of breeding an Oaktopus, let’s explore some exciting variations and strategies to enhance your monster collection and island’s musical diversity.

Breeding Rare Oaktopus

In My Singing Monsters, there are rare versions of many monsters, including the Oaktopus. To breed a Rare Oaktopus, you’ll need to use specific combinations of monsters with higher coin income rates. Experiment with different combinations to discover the recipe for breeding this unique, limited-edition monster.

Decorating Your Oaktopus’s Habitat

Once you’ve successfully bred an Oaktopus, it’s time to create a habitat that complements its musical nature. Decorate the Oaktopus’s habitat with items that enhance its visual appeal and provide a harmonious environment. Your Oaktopus will appreciate the effort you put into making its home a cozy and beautiful place.

Leveling Up Your Oaktopus

Like all monsters in My Singing Monsters, the Oaktopus can be leveled up to increase its earning rate and improve its performance. To level up your Oaktopus, feed it with treats and nurture it with care. A higher-level Oaktopus will not only sound better but also contribute more to your island’s income.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does it take to breed an Oaktopus?

Breeding times in My Singing Monsters vary depending on the combination of monsters you use. On average, it may take several hours or even longer to successfully breed an Oaktopus. Be patient and keep experimenting with different combinations to increase your chances.

Can I speed up the breeding process?

Yes, you can speed up the breeding process by using diamonds, the premium currency in the game. Simply tap on the breeding structure and choose the option to finish the breeding instantly by spending diamonds.

Are there any special promotions for breeding Oaktopus?

My Singing Monsters often features special promotions and events that increase your chances of breeding specific monsters, including the Oaktopus. Keep an eye on in-game announcements and participate in events to maximize your breeding success.

Can I sell or trade Oaktopus with other players?

As of my last update in September 2021, My Singing Monsters does not have a feature for trading or selling monsters to other players. However, the game’s developers may introduce new features and updates in the future, so stay tuned for any changes.

How can I earn more coins with my Oaktopus?

To increase your coin earnings with an Oaktopus, level it up by feeding it treats. Higher-level monsters generate more income for your island. Additionally, decorating its habitat with items that boost coin production can further enhance your earnings.


Breeding an Oaktopus in My Singing Monsters is a delightful journey filled with music, creativity, and the joy of nurturing unique creatures. By understanding the elemental combinations, choosing the right monsters, and experimenting with different strategies, you’ll be well on your way to adding the melodious charm of an Oaktopus to your island. Don’t forget to explore rare variations, decorate your Oaktopus’s habitat, and level it up for an even more rewarding experience in the Monster World. So, gather your monsters, sing along, and let the magical melodies of My Singing Monsters fill your heart!

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