Navigating Saudi Visa Requirements for Lithuanian Citizens: A Comprehensive Guide

Traveling to Saudi Arabia is an exciting prospect for many Lithuanian citizens. Whether it’s for tourism, religious pilgrimage, business, or work purposes, obtaining the right visa is crucial. This article aims to guide Lithuanian citizens through the process of acquiring various types of visas for Saudi Arabia, focusing on tourism and Umrah visas primarily. SAUDI VISA FOR LITHUANIAN CITIZENS

Traveling abroad often involves obtaining a visa, and Saudi Arabia is no exception. A visa serves as official permission from the Saudi government to enter and stay in the country for a specified period. For Lithuanian citizens planning a trip to Saudi Arabia, understanding the visa process is essential to ensure a smooth travel experience.

Types of Saudi Visas

Saudi Arabia offers various types of visas catering to different purposes of travel. These include:

Tourist Visa

Tourist visas are suitable for individuals intending to explore the cultural and historical attractions of Saudi Arabia. They typically have a validity of up to 90 days and are non-extendable.

Umrah Visa

Umrah visas are specifically for pilgrims undertaking the Umrah pilgrimage to Mecca. Unlike Hajj visas, Umrah visas can be obtained throughout the year.

Business Visa

Business visas are for individuals traveling to Saudi Arabia for commercial purposes such as meetings, conferences, or trade exhibitions.

Work Visa

Work visas are required for individuals intending to work and reside in Saudi Arabia. They are typically sponsored by an employer and involve a more complex application process. SAUDI VISA FOR UMRAH

Requirements for Saudi Visa for Lithuanian Citizens

Before applying for a Saudi visa, Lithuanian citizens must ensure they meet the necessary requirements. These generally include:

  • Passport Validity: Passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the intended stay in Saudi Arabia.
  • Application Process: Visa applications can be submitted online or through authorized visa agencies.
  • Documentation: Required documents may include a passport copy, passport-sized photographs, proof of accommodation, and a travel itinerary.

Applying for a Saudi Tourist Visa

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a Saudi tourist visa, applicants must meet certain criteria, such as having a valid passport and fulfilling the purpose of their visit.

Application Procedure

The application process typically involves filling out an online form, uploading required documents, and paying the visa fee.

Processing Time and Fees

Tourist visa processing times vary but generally take a few days to a couple of weeks. The visa fee is also subject to change and should be verified before application.

Umrah Visa for Lithuanian Citizens

What is Umrah?

Umrah is a religious pilgrimage to Mecca, which can be performed at any time of the year, unlike Hajj, which has specific dates.

Eligibility Criteria

To obtain an Umrah visa, applicants must be of the Muslim faith and meet other requirements set by the Saudi government.

How to Apply

The process for obtaining an Umrah visa involves submitting an application through an authorized travel agency, providing necessary documentation, and paying the visa fee.

Business and Work Visas for Lithuanian Citizens

Business Visa Requirements

Business visa applicants must have a valid invitation from a Saudi-based company or organization, along with other supporting documents.

Work Visa Process

The process for obtaining a work visa is more complex and involves sponsorship by a Saudi employer, medical examinations, and obtaining a residence permit.

Tips for Smooth Visa Processing

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Incomplete applications
  • Providing false information
  • Not meeting documentation requirements

Additional Tips

  • Apply for the visa well in advance of travel dates.
  • Double-check all information provided on the application form.
  • Keep track of any updates or changes to visa regulations.


Navigating the visa process can seem daunting, but with the right information and preparation, Lithuanian citizens can obtain the necessary visas for travel to Saudi Arabia. Whether it’s for tourism, religious pilgrimage, business, or work, understanding the requirements and following the correct procedures is key to a successful trip.


Can Lithuanian citizens apply for a Saudi visa online?

Yes, Lithuanian citizens can apply for certain types of Saudi visas online through the official visa portal or authorized visa agencies.

How long does it take to process a Saudi tourist visa for Lithuanian citizens?

The processing time for a Saudi tourist visa can vary but generally takes a few days to a couple of weeks.

Are there any specific requirements for Umrah visas for Lithuanian citizens?

Yes, Umrah visa applicants must be of the Muslim faith and fulfill other criteria set by the Saudi government.

Can Lithuanian citizens extend their tourist visas in Saudi Arabia?

Tourist visas for Saudi Arabia are typically non-extendable, so travelers should plan their stay accordingly.

What should Lithuanian citizens do if their visa application is rejected?

If a visa application is rejected, applicants should review the reasons for rejection and may consider reapplying with any necessary corrections or additional documentation.

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